Sunday, 17 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Hi Everyone!

I know that it is a bit late... But here is the extra long post I promised!
There is also going to be a "Songs of the week" post this week at the end of this post because I feel that there should be more than one song to listen to right now!

Here is my weekly update:

I am making a sockhead hat out of the Indigo Moon Island Time Fingering in the color
 "Wild Berries" for my mom as a valentines day gift but a school project came up and I needed to finish that before I could do this.  But it is going to be a belated valentines day gift instead, most probably done in a week.

A close up of the remaining yarn with a little artsy touch

A picture of the hat in progress

A close up of the yarn and the color.

A plaster of Paris heart collage that I made on valentines day.

And a few buttons I bought for my parents.

also, the Songs of the week are:

My funny valentine- Chet baker

I'm under the influence of love- Love Unlimited

You Have to listen to these songs!

All the best,


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