Monday, 3 September 2012

Bak 2 Skool

Hi yall',

this is my last tag before I bury myself in the hole, (aka school)
which I am really sad about, litterally.  But anyways, Back to school!
Now about the yarn bombing, it has a back to school theme, the apple
and the words bak 2 skool (didnt have enough space for back to school).


  1. Hey you! I was one of the people you met at Baaad Anna's on Saturday (I was the one with the little grey dog, Gertie), and I'm glad I managed to figure out your blog URL after three days! friend me on ravelery: josiejose
    You do awesome work - carry on!

    1. Thanks,

      I am also stepping out of my comfort zone and learning to knit! :)