Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My first yarn bomb :)

This, Being my first larger tag, has a story to it.  The top three were my first ones, but they werent getting noticed much so I went on to making the  red and blue striped one.  Of course, they werent noticed either as people walked by.  So back to Michaels for different color schemes, lo and behold mexicana yarn was on sale...  People did NOT miss that color.  But this morning I had an idea to go patriotic and put up a red and white striped one, (Canada). and later today thought that anything with a happy face would be cool, and coincidentially I picked out navy blue and white and 10 minutes later I put it up.  Unfortunately it looked like a bad take on the american flag... but I like it!!

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  1. I am no longer amazed by how unobservant people can be; they took the electric transports away at Chicago Airport--not because the cart drivers were careless but because people walked into them!!